Different Drummers, the Book

Authors Don Caron and Lyle Hatcher


Featuring the 2nd 
Edition paperback version which includes 14 pages of pictures from 1965. 
Different Drummers has been a Barnes and Noble Bestseller, receiving rave reviews from teachers, school administrators, students, parents, doctors, book clubs and celebrities - now available in paperback, Kindle, or eBook and iPhone format.

What people are saying..

"Poignant, warm, sad, touching, and totally delightful. If you put this book down, David and Lyle will make you pick it up."

Derek Kavanagh - Producer, Dances With Wolves

· "Your book is a winner!"

Jack LaLanne


From Doctors

· "As a doctor who treats kids on the Autism and ADHD Spectrum, and as another boy who grew up 'hyperactive' in the 1960's, I was impressed with how well "Different Drummers" conveyed what it felt like to experience the world through those eyes.

"Along with the ability to make one laugh, cry, despair, and hope, which marks all great storytelling, "Different Drummers" does as good a job of putting the reader in the shoes of a boy with ADHD as 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night' did for autism.

"This should be requisite reading for anyone who teaches, cares for, is raising, or wants to understand what it feels like to be someone going through the world with that un-requested 'little bit more' that hallmarks people with ADHD."

Dr. James P. Blumenthal, DC, DACBN, FACFN
Brain Performance Center
Applied Kinesiology Center of Los Angeles


· "A must read for anyone working with children with ADD/ADHD. This book gives you an idea of what is going on in the minds of these children and how the behavior directly impacts the lives of family, friends, and teachers. Well written."

Dr. Rachel Oppitz, ND
Itasca Naturopathic Clinic



From Educators

“A must-read for all educators: a colorful and engaging reminder of how recognition of diversity and individual differences can bring out the hidden potential in every child.”

Maxine Davidson, founder Endowed Professorship for Innovative and Creative Curriculum, Eastern Washington University.

“This tale of two disparate classmates magically bonded by their goal to win the school science fair was a deeply humbling reminder of the influence we teachers have on our students’ lives.”

Susan Dolan, Central Valley High School, Media Specialist

“I have never come across such a powerful true tale that exemplifies the resourcefulness, deep love and compassion, and extreme energy that inhabits the souls and characters of our young people.
“Lyle Hatcher and Don Caron have truly captured the reality of the goodness which lives within all of us, if we could only carry that into adulthood, which we come by naturally as youngsters!
“Congratulations! Different Drummers is a must read for all that care about the true meaning of life at its core.”

Tony Lamanna, School Resource Officer, retired


“Many books are written and deserve to be read. In this case it is you that deserves to know this story, you will be better for having read Different Drummers.”


Jean L. Corder, Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble Booksellers



From Readers

“ . . . an incredible, compelling, and well written story that must be made into a movie . . .
it will have a profound effect on a world that sorely needs it.”

Natalie Gilmore

“I just finished, and give this book a resounding thumbs up! What an uplifting story.
And as a mom of two boys, it really had an impact on me. I really hope it makes it to film someday!!!”

Marnie Rorholm

"You have truly touched our hearts, just when we needed it the most."

PJ Trzeciak

"What you guys have done is amazing . . . I can't wait to see the movie!"

Gary Marks

"You have a hit on your hands. I mean it! I cried."

Barbara Kiblen Farrel

"Better than 'Kite Runner!'"

Ryan Castle

"I received your book in the mail Friday afternoon. Your entire book was read friday evening! A heart-warming, charming and funny story of God's love and the meaning of true friendship!"

Sheryl Ward Brown

"An immensely entertaining story that is transcendent and deeply poignant.
It reminded me again that there is a loving God and all of us are part of a beautiful plan! This book will move you!"

Dave Johnson

"AWESOME book! I LOVED it soooo much. I have never become a FAN of a book before, but I want to spread the news to all my friends. What a feel good book. My husband probably wondered what I kept chuckling about! I am looking forward to the movie!"

Debbie Nothwang Ridgley

“Hey, i am 13 years old, and i absolutely loved your book. I read it in about 5 days & i didn't wanna put it down...of course i had school and all that but i thought about it through the whole day and always wondered what would happen next in the book. I love how heart warming it was. At the end i was reading it during school & i was tearing up and some people were just sitting there wondering why i was tearing up haha. I told ALL my friends about this book and im persuading them to read this...i guarantee this will be one of their favorites like mine. (: Very good book, i LOVED it sooo much.”

Kelsie Rainwater

“LOVED THE BOOK! I curled up this weekend and read it in two days. Heartwarming, funny, tearful! A little of everything. Great job!”

Christine Cassie

“Just loved it!!! I have told several people about it and how they can get it.”

Barbara Walter

“I loved the story and especially I fell in love with little Lyle, such a courageous and brave boy. The story telling is so intense and moving that I felt I was physically present and living every emotion. Also as a single mother, I am inspired by the Dalkes’ and the Hatchers’ parenting and the way they taught their children good manners . . . something that is fast becoming a lost art. The book can even be used as parental guidance in how to set boundaries in a loving and respectful way. I can’t wait for the Spanish version to come out so I can share it with my whole family.”

Monica Silva, Mexico City, Mexico

“You got to write of a true miracle. I could not put it down. I am still processing it, still feeling (signs of a great book that when you put it down you buzz and tingle and think). I don't know how to explain what I am feeling and thinking . . . what an amazing story!!!!”

Carrie Ingham, Annual Fund Manager, Spokane Symphony


"Reading Different Drummers reminded me just how special my easily distracted and very special son is. I need to treat him with love and listen better. This story helped me see things from his side better."

Sara Floerke, Duluth, MN


"I enjoyed Different Drummers primarily for its portrait of Lyle and the responses of the adults in his life to his "extra" energy and activity. The parents and school staff had such a range of relationships and understanding of Lyle that the book felt very authentic. And, of course, how Lyle changed through his friendship with David is touching and poignant. I appreciated all of their adventures as they headed toward Parent Night and was moved by Lyle's response to David's death. Way to go, Lyle!"

MZ, Missoula, MT


"This book should be mandated reading for all future teachers. The authors managed to place the reader right into the lives of the characters. I experienced the ups and downs and the good times and the bad. I will recommend this book to all of my friends."

Glenda Thompson, Garden City, MI