GregGowercropped.jpgDifferent DrummersDon_Resume_pic.jpg Soundtrack

Composed and Performed by Don Caron and Greg Gower

Featuring original songs by Greg Gower


Soundtrack now available on CD or by download!


For the Different Drummers score, the directors desired to take advantage of the flavor of music from the mid-1960s, that being the time period of the story, but also wanted to avoid the fade-in/fade-out effect which is a common downfall of using prerecorded period music in a movie score.

Greg Gower, an expert on the recording and playing styles of the 60s, provided the songs and lyrics, tailoring them for the specific scenes and fashioning them after some of the standout artists of the mid-1960s. Gower and Caron went to great lengths to recreate the tone and feel of the 60s music, using the recording techniques of the time as well as the actual vintage instruments and vocalizations to recreate the distinct feel of that era. Don Caron composed the orchestral underscore to seamlessly integrate with the songs.