Different Drummers - Soundtrack Song Lyrics

Featuring original songs by Greg Gower


Orbit the Sun

Lyrics by Greg Gower

I’ve thought about you, time after time,

waiting for angels to bring me a sign.

My heart was afraid that you’d laugh if you knew.

My eyes could see nothing but you.


Drifting through heaven, alone in my dreams,

capturing glimpses, is this what it seems?

I never thought, that the world would be mine.

Look what The Fates do with time.


Now you are mine,

The stars will shine.

Living on clouds, so now it’s begun.

Soon we will orbit the sun.

Wake Up!

Lyrics by Greg Gower


Don't look now, close your eyes,

in a dream you can fly!

Ahh...you can fly now!

There you are, in the zone,

Guess you know you're not alone.

Ahh.... you're not alone now!


Soon enough, time to wake

Don't blink an eye or hesitate.

Guess what buddy, it's time to wake up now!

Slippin' outa paradise, wake up and it's time to go!


Almost Over Now

Lyrics by Greg Gower


Don’t you worry, don’t you fret.

It’s almost over, but not quite yet.

The race has started when the runners run.

It’s almost over now.


Don’t you worry, don’t you whine.

We’re over the edge and that’s the bottom line,

Time to stop when the winner’s done.

It’s almost over now.


Cry for the baby’s and scratch your head.

Can’t unsay what’s been said,

like a word can’t be unread.

It’s almost over now.

Lumpy Jumpy

Lyrics by Greg Gower


Wide awake and I can’t sit still.

Things are great, is it real?

Gotta run my motor’s high.

Me oh my, it’s a time to fly.


Hop to it, got a plan.

Rev it up, man oh man.

What’s next? It don’t care.

Lumpy jumpy wild hair!


Eyes are open, now you can see.

The world’s waiting and it’s free.

Got a ticket to see the sky.

Me oh my, it’s time to fly!



Lyrics by Greg Gower

So much to do, so little time;

An hour goes by, then it’s night time.

I don’t mind if nothin' gets done today.


So much to do and so little time to do it;

night time comes and you never got to it.

I don’t mind if nothin' gets done today.


I don’t mind if nothin' gets done today.


Only time will tell.

I’m gonna have to wait.

I’ll leave it up to fate . . . and time.


Lyrics by Greg Gower


Hiding like a bad guy, noble as a french fry

ambush, brushfire, triggerman, snake.

Oooh-ouch BB-bounce, creepy now, he’s gonna pounce

guilt-free, don’t tell, it only hurts once!


Why would he do it? Say there’s nothing to it, cry.

Sad part, no art, throw away a cold heart, lie!


Doesn’t always happen and it wasn’t where it was

when it landed on the ground there - did it cause a buzz?

Couldn’t see it comin' 
and you wouldn’t wanna know.

Catch a crime, outta line hurt it don’t show.


Why would he do it? Say there’s nothing to it, lie.

Sad part, no art, throw away a cold heart, cry!


Lyrics by Greg Gower



You’ll never know if you’re the one


if you’ve got legs enough to run.

And we both know

you’ve got to go until you’re done.




You’ll never know unless you try


if you’ve got wings enough to fly.

And we both know

you’ve got to go to reach the sky.


Lyrics by Greg Gower


All the stars are spinning

while the mountains break apart

and the oceans drink each other

'til the sun can glow and start

another day the way it does

just at the end of every night

and before we even know it everything has come out right.


Looking at the bottom

of a shaft that’s only dark

without the light it seems so lonely

like a thought that’s set apart.

You can hear the wind before

it ever starts to blow.

You know it’s easier

to ease your mind if you only let it go